Tampa Palms Vintners Club Schedule of Tastings

Vintners tasting dinners begin at 7:00 p.m., sharp. Doors open for registration and hors d'oeuvres reception at 6:30 p.m.

Date Place Reservations
Date Place Reservations
January 20 DAOU Vineyards Closed
January 27 "Cheeseburger In Paradise" - Vineyard 29 Limited Seating High-End Event Closed
February 17 Bodegas Emilio Moro Closed
March 03 Ashes & Diamonds Winery - Limited Seating High-End Event Closed
March 17 101 - Don't Miss It Closed
April 21 Undiscovered France Closed
May 01 Vintners On The Veranda Closed
May 19 Carlo's Favorites (with Carlo Trinchero) Closed
June 16 The Wines of Bruno Giacosa Closed
July 21 Walla Walla Vintners Closed
August 18 Ferrari-Carano Winery Closed
September 15 Greek Wine Revival - R&R Selections Closed
October 06 LIMITED SEATING HIGH-END EVENT - Vin Fraiche Wine Group Selections Reservations Total Attendees: 31  Members & Their Guests: 31  Others: 0

Limit: 40
Available: 9
October 20 Bodega Garzón Uruguay Reservations Total Attendees: 38  Members & Their Guests: 38  Others: 0

Limit: 120
Available: 82
November 17 Ty Caton Vineyards Reservations Total Attendees: 46  Members & Their Guests: 46  Others: 0

Limit: 120
Available: 74
Date Place Reservations
January 21 Joel Gott Wines Closed
February 12 Hartford Family Winery (Limited Seating) High End Tasting Dinner Closed
February 18 Freemark Abbey Closed
March 17 La Crema Closed
April 21 Catena Zapata Closed
May 19 Château de Saint Cosme Closed
June 16 Broadbent Selections "Hidden Gems" Closed
July 21 Bodegas Torres Closed
July 28 South African Wines Closed
August 18 Girard Winery Closed
September 15 Wines of The Languedoc - Gérard Bertrand Closed
October 07 El Enemigo Wines (Limited Seating) High End Tasting Dinner Closed
October 20 Stewart Cellars Closed
November 17 Schug Winery Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 15 Gallo Family Wines Closed
January 30 Pahlmeyer High-End Tasting Dinner Closed
February 19 Provenance Vineyards Closed
March 19 Trinchero Closed
April 16 White Oak Winery Closed
May 21 Zenato Closed
June 18 Kermit Lynch Wines Closed
July 16 Barbecue Wines Closed
August 20 CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs Closed
September 17 La Spinetta Wines Closed
October 15 St. Innocent Winery Closed
November 19 Year-end Dinner (featuring Hook & Ladder Winery) Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 23 Robert Hall Winery Closed
February 20 St. Clement Vineyards Closed
March 20 Torres Closed
April 17 Langtry & Guenoc Closed
April 26 Darioush (Special Limited Seating High-End Dinner) Closed
April 29 Phifer Pavitt (Special Limited Attendance "Meet & Greet") Closed
May 15 Martin Ray Winery Closed
June 19 Wines of Washington State Closed
July 17 Beringer Closed
August 21 Peter Lehmann Closed
September 18 Lincourt - Thursday September 18th Closed
October 16 Neyers Vineyards Closed
November 20 Year-End Dinner (featuring Chappellet Winery) Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 17 BV Wineries Closed
February 21 Sbragia Family Vineyards Closed
March 21 Concha y Toro Winery Closed
April 12 Lewis Cellars Closed
April 18 Girard Winery (Napa Valley), Closed
May 16 Wagner Family Wines Closed
June 20 Chateau St. Jean Closed
July 18 Smoking Hot BBQ Wines Closed
August 15 Halter Ranch Closed
September 19 Italian: Falesco, Allegrini Closed
October 17 Casa Lapostolle Closed
November 21 Best of the Best Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 19 Joel Gott Closed
February 16 Robert Hall Closed
March 15 South African wines (Opici) Closed
April 19 Barbecue Wines Closed
May 17 Santa Barbara/Central Coast wines Closed
June 21 Washington State Closed
July 19 Hendry Wines Closed
August 16 Wines of Spain Closed
September 13 Banfi WInes Closed
October 18 Willamette Valley Vineyards Closed
November 15 Year End Dinner Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 20 Spanish Wines Closed
February 17 Hidden Gems Closed
March 17 Pezzi King Closed
April 21 Ferrari-Carano Closed
May 19 Hahn Family Wines Closed
June 16 Morgan Winery Closed
July 21 Clos du Val Closed
August 18 Frank Family Vineyards Closed
September 15 Italian Selections Closed
October 20 Concha Y Toro Closed
October 28 Exquisite Boutique Wines of Paul Hobbs Closed
November 17 End of Year Dinner Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 21 Truchard Winery Closed
February 18 ZD Winery Closed
March 18 Steele Wines Closed
April 01 Penfolds Luxury Wines Closed
April 15 Chalk Hill Winery Closed
May 20 Argyle Winery Closed
June 17 Italy Tuscany Closed
July 15 Tour de France (Provence) Closed
August 19 Zen of Zin's Closed
September 16 Craggy Range Winery Closed
October 21 Wines of Fess Parker Closed
November 18 Year End Annual Dinner Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 15 Italian Piedmont Closed
February 19 The Great Unknowns Closed
March 19 New Zealand Kim Crawford wine Closed
April 23 Benziger Wines Closed
May 21 Value Wines Closed
June 18 Robert Mondavi Closed
July 16 South Africa Closed
August 20 Wines of the Northwest Closed
September 17 Zinfandels Closed
October 15 Italian (High-end Tuscan) Closed
November 19 Year-End Dinner Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 16 Callaghan Vineyards Closed
February 21 South American Montes Closed
March 20 Joseph Swan Wine Tasting Closed
April 17 Signorello Vineyards Closed
May 22 Moon Mountain Closed
June 19 Australian Tasing Dinner Closed
July 17 Wines of Spain Closed
August 21 BR Cohn Wine Tasting Closed
September 18 French Wine Dinner Closed
October 23 Rubicon/Coppola Wine Tasting Closed
November 20 Year End Celebration Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 18 Katherine Hall Wineries Closed
February 15 Foley/Lincourt Closed
March 15 Cline/Jacuzzi Closed
April 19 Merryvale Closed
May 17 Mondavi Closed
June 21 Salvestrin Wine Tasting Closed
July 19 Seghesio Wine Cellars Closed
August 16 Australian Wine Dinner Closed
September 20 Talbot and Morgan Wine Dinner Closed
October 18 Fess Parker Wine Tasting Closed
November 15 Year End Dinner Closed
November 29 Rubicon Estate Wine Dinner Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 19 L'Aventure with Stephan Asseo, winemaker Closed
February 16 Rodney Strong Closed
March 16 Australian with Peter Click wines, Speaker: Tristram Groom Closed
April 20 Kendall Jackson wines and Estates featuring Kevin O'Mally Closed
April 27 Hogue Genesis Closed
May 18 Pine Ridge and Archery Summit Closed
June 15 Taste of Italy Closed
July 20 BBQ and Zinfandel Closed
August 17 Tour De France Wine Tasting Closed
September 21 St. Supery Tasting Closed
October 19 Wines of the Northwest Closed
November 16 Year End Dinner 2006 Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 20 Wines from Lesser known Appellations Closed
February 17 B.R. Cohn Featuring Dan Cohn Closed
March 10 Bell Wine Cellars Closed
April 21 Richard Gonzmart from 'The Columbia' Closed
May 19 Merryvale Winery Closed
June 16 Spicy Wines And Barbeque Closed
July 21 A night in Tuscany - Italian Tasting Closed
August 18 Animal Tasting Closed
September 15 The Wine Guru - Larry Obrien Closed
October 20 “Sideways” Central Coast Closed
November 17 End of the Year Dinner - 2005 Closed
Date Place Reservations
January 15 Value Wines Closed
February 08 Plumpjack Dinner Closed
February 19 Wines of the Chalone group Closed
March 18 Wines of Spain Closed
April 24 Alexander Valley Wines - Photos Closed
May 20 Pinot Noirs Closed
June 17 Australia with SouthCorp Closed
July 16 St. Supery Wine Dinner Closed
August 19 South America Closed
September 16 World Series of Wine Closed
October 21 Flora Springs Wine Dinner Closed
November 18 End of year dinner - 2004 Closed