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     Thursday January 19, 2017

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Course Pairing / Description Wine
Hors D' Oeuvres Spicy Peanut & Sriracha Chicken Skewers (Honey, Burnt Florida Orange and Cilantro Crema) Crispy Kataifi Crusted Jumbo Shrimp (Sherry and Sweet Onion Jam)
The Brooks Amycas is a delightful, crisp and floral blend of Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Muscat with good acidity and lovely aromatics. In Greek mythology, Amycus was the son of Poseidon. A boxer, King of the Bebryces and a one-time Trojan, he covered a lot of territory over the course of his short life. His bold and wandering nature fits with the Amycas White Table Wine blend. Amycas is inspired by the Edelzwicker (edel = noble, zwicker = blend) wines found in Alsace and like its French cousins, is very pleasurable, with or without food. This wine smells like opening up an orange, with intense floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine. It has beautiful, bright citrus, lemon, tangerine and nectarine. The exotic tropical fruit aromas of passion fruit, papaya and lychee are compelling, generated from the Muscat and Gewurtztraminer, which also add a ginger like spice high note, like cinnamon sprinkled on apple sauce. It is youthful and lively on the palate, an elegant blend where all the components compliment each other, creating a perfectly balanced bottle of wine. This wine is rich and juicy, an amazing tension of sweet and sour, texturally plump, yet light on its feet with bouncy acidity.
Brooks Amycas 2015
Soup Course Wild Mushroom, Scallion & Brie Soup (Micro Organic Basil, Charred Sweet Corn)
Derived from sites planted on two major soil times in the Willamette Valley, volcanic basalt and marine sedimentary, this steely yet lush Pinot Blanc showcases the transparency of the area’s complex geology through depth of flavor and texture. Pinot Blanc has long been an important piece of Brooks’ Amycas White Blend but this Pinot Blanc is so clean, fresh and bright, it deserved its own bottle. This wine is a veritable fruit salad in the nose, with cantaloupe, grapefruit, apples, pears and nectarine. It has hints of potpourri, lychee, rose petal, orange peel and cold cream. There is plenty of ripe fruit in the mouth, with white peach, kumquat, kiwi and nectarine. It is rich and vibrant, lush and fruity with a slight taste of fresh herbs, like tarragon and chervil. This wine is medium bodied, with moderate acidity and it finishes long and fruity with lychee nut and perfume.
Brooks Pinot Blanc 2015
Pasta Course San Marzano Tomato & Wine Braised Pork Shoulder (Shaved Pecorino, Grilled Asparagus Tips, Cavatappi and Basil)
This Pinot Noir blend of several area vineyards showcases the diversity of the Willamette Valley. It includes vineyards in the north, south, east, west and central parts of the valley. This wine is one of Brooks’ most consistently popular wines, with previous vintages being credited as some of the best Pinot Noir values on today’s market. It has a beautiful perfumed nose of rich cherry jam and Thanksgiving cranberries with grated orange peel, morel mushrooms and black truffle. A wonderful high note of black tea, leather and potpourri is also present. The wine is luscious in the mouth, coating the palate with rich, dark cherry, warm raspberry, red currant and black plum. There is a wonderful earthiness of portabella mushrooms on the grill, roasted vegetables, bacon fat and smoked meats. This Pinot finishes with ripe fruit, earth and complexity and a hint of tomato leaf and earthiness.
Brooks Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2014
Dessert Course Pomegranate, Pinot Caramel & Cranberry Cobbler (Buttery Almond Streusel Topping, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Shavings and Basil-Muddled Sugar Rolled Raspberries)
Peace! Bread! Land! Wine! This wine does not represent Trotsky whose picture graces its label; its name describes the amusing story behind the wine. In the middle of the night during founder Jimi Brooks’ first harvest, a single barrel skidded off the rack and rolled out into the darkness. The wine represents this barrel’s quick escape as it accelerated down a hill and with a gigantic heart breaking splash fell into the creek. When it was finally tracked down, the barrel was found completely intact, between the shoulders of the creek; a true Brooks miracle. This bottling is about pleasant surprises, deep laughter and good friends. It has notes of rhubarb, sour cherry, pomegranate and cranberry fruit on the nose. A hint of basil and thyme, with a faint touch of orange peel, cantaloupe and white mushrooms are also present. This wine is bright red plum in the mouth, red cherry, rhubarb and cola. It has delicious zippy acidity and bright, fresh fruit with a gorgeous, lush mouth feel. A nice hint of dried basil, oregano and thyme, mushroom, forest floor and bergamot tea complete the experience.
Brooks Runaway Red Pinot Noir 2015
Beef Course Rosemary Smoked Beef Brisket (Red Potato and Melted Onion Hash with Black Strap Molasses-Pinot BBQ and Cumin, Cayenne and Salt Dusted Fried Green Beans)
The Rastaban star is the eye of the constellation, Draco and also Brooks’ exceptional Pinot Noir. The “Eye of the Dragon”! A star in the Northern Constellation, Draco is known as the head of the dragon, which is full of wisdom! This wine was produced in the first year that Jimi Brooks discovered a handful of barrels that were simply too exciting to blend with the other Pinot Noirs. While Brooks still maintains a philosophy of blending their wines, they aren’t opposed to showcasing a small lot on its own if it proves to be exceptional. This wine is fresh like rain on the sidewalk, with spicy cherry, orange peel, rhubarb and black plum. It’s like opening up the spice cabinet and getting inspiration for dinner. The nose is full of mulberry, loganberry, black cherry, marionberry, huckleberry, white mushroom, black currant, violet candies, etc. In the mouth, everything is confirmed with lush cherry candy, violets, sage, basil, mushrooms, wild berries, all wrapped up in a nest of bacon. This is a beautiful, fat, smoky, unctuous crazy good Pinot Noir.
Brooks Rastaban Pinot Noir 2011