Broken Earth Winery

     Thursday September 19, 2019

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Course Pairing / Description Wine
Hors D’oeuvres Leek Fondue and Saint Andreas Cheese Prosciutto and Honey Dew
When you want to go on a vacation, but don’t have a plane ticket, your next best option is a glass of chilled Broken Earth Verdelho. The 2016 vintage takes porch-sitting to the next level, with its hints of vine ripe fruit flavor and tropical notes. The initial swirl and smell leads to a subdued honeydew melon aroma on the nose, holding itself back until the first sip is taken. Once introduced to the palate, this wine wants to have a conversation regarding its omnipresent manner. This wine starts out with subtle herbal and green fruit notes that quickly move into richer, tropical fruit notes of ripe pineapple and shredded coconut that overtake the mid-palate. And yet, the story continues, with lingering fruit that hangs around to continue the conversation until your next sip. Broken Earth doesn’t like to name names, but this wine shows itself to be a more complete, three-dimensional version of Sauvignon Blanc. Verdelho is a wine that encourages you to enjoy life, so pair it with foods that encourage exploration and fun. Dishes such as spicy curries and richer seafood recipes work great, or open as an hors d’oeuvre wine before a summer barbecue with friends.
Broken Earth Verdelho 2016
Salad Course Seared Tuna Togarashi, Radicchio Cup and Bitter Greens with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette
This variety is synonymous with intensity of color, tannin and dense fruit and Broken Earth exhibits these traits with the added benefit of refinement. Rich, brambly fruits on the nose lead into luscious dark fruits on the palate. The subtle oak has combined with blackberry fruits to produce vanilla bean and roasted coffee flavors. This is Broken Earth’s second release of Petite Syrah and based on the quality of the two vintages produced so far there will be many more to come. This wine earned the following awards: GOLD + 92 Points - Central Coast Wine Competition and GOLD - Denver International Wine Competition.
Broken Earth Petite Syrah 2016
Poultry Course Five Spiced Duck Breast, Grilled Stone Fruit and Roasted Spaghetti Squash with a Light Plum Sauce
The rolling hills of Paso Robles with decomposing soils and ample sunshine provide an ideal climate for Petit Verdot, a variety rarely seen as a stand-alone wine. Unlike its original home in Bordeaux where this varietal can be challenged to ripen fully, the Paso Robles climate is perfect for Petit Verdot and the resulting wine is packed with powerful fruit and tannins. The use of French oak for maturation provided structure and support to an already concentrated wine dominated by dark fruits, vanilla and exotic spices. This is a sophisticated wine showing the unique juxtaposition of Petit Verdot - power and elegance.
Broken Earth Reserve Petite Verdot 2012
Beef Course Braised BBQ Short Rib, Confit Fingerling Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus with Sticky Carolina Sauce
Studium - meaning “House of Learning”, is a new wine for Broken Earth Winery that takes us back to the Latin language and reflects on what it means to be a student: to learn, to grow, to challenge. They challenged themselves by making this a different, more “bolder” style of wine. The Studium is a red wine blend that purposefully contradicts the more established, reserved approach to winemaking they have taken over the years. Boasting a new world inspired blend of Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, and Merlot, with two-hundred percent (we promise this is not a typo) new French and American oak; this is a wine that you can’t help but notice and enjoy. Each component is aged separately for a short period of time in new oak, blended for precise varietal balance and placed back in new oak for the remainder of élevage, or time spent in barrel. The spice and nuttiness of the oak still remains prominent on the nose, but will integrate with the fruit characteristics over time. Take a moment to swirl this wine a few times and admire its ripe raspberry red color scheme. Each sip is an indulgence of the palate that provides a bolt of savory red fruits and fleshy tannins that cling to the roof of your mouth and won’t let go. There is nothing shy about this wine, as it shows the true depth and complexity our estate vineyard can give, exuding the confidence of a beauty queen and subtly of a linebacker. This wine will continue to give over time, so be sure to hold a few back in your cellar. And for food pairings, all we can say is BBQ! BBQ! BBQ! This wine earned the following awards: DOUBLE GOLD - 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, DOUBLE GOLD - Denver International Wine Competition Awards, GOLD - 2017 Orange County Fair Wine Competition and 92 points from Wine Enthusiast.
Broken Earth Studium Red Blend 2014
Dessert Course Macerated Berries and Mascarpone Mousse
The name itself, Sotto Voce, translated from Italian literally means “under the voice” or “whisper”. The name Sotto Voce was inspired by the “proper” way to open a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. According to traditionalists and winemaker Chris Cameron, that subtle ‘fssssszzz’ sound when opening a bottle should be no louder than a whisper, or to be a little more pithy, never louder than a fair maiden’s sigh. The passion Chris carries for Merlot is definitely not a secret (don't get him started). Add sparkling wine to the mix and you have a sure winner! The inaugural vintage of the Sotto Voce Sparkling Merlot allows one to taste the pure essence of Merlot without the oak influence found in most still wines. The most unconventional element of this wine is its deep crimson hue. The tradition of making sparkling red wines has been alive in Chris’s native land, Australia, for many years. He felt it was time to acquaint the Paso wine world with this technique. Once the cork is popped, ever so quietly of course, a myriad of dark rich fruit aromas burst from the glass. They normally recommend a few seconds of bouquet appreciation before the first sip, but for this wine, you just can’t wait. Texture and bubbles galore, with ever-lingering cherry, licorice and red currant leave this wine a little hard to comprehend, but Broken Earth knows you can handle it.
Broken Earth Sparkling Merlot 2015